Across the Globe, We Are United in Our Dedication to Children’s Rights !

Who We Are

Child Safeguard Helpline foundation was founded in Nigeria by Care Vocational England in the year 2019

Partnering to build a world where all children and young adults and vulnerable adults are protected from harm,
maltreatment and exploitation . We arecentral to achieving our mission of ending global poverty,child abuse and maltreatment.

At Child Safeguard Helpline we are committed to ensuring the experience of our organisation is one that is free from any form of abuse and exploitation .Everyone who comes in contact with any person associated with child safeguard Helpline should at all time feel respected and safeguarded.

To ensure this, our global safeguard policy (PDF)has preventive measures and system to prevent any form of abuse and clear procedures for disciplinary action in the event this policy is breached.

If you have concerns or wish to talk to some one in confidence about safeguarding issue ,please contact the C E O on 08133357380 or mail on

Our Approach

Safeguarding is the approach our helpline takes to ensuring that anyone using our service is safe.


Child Safeguard helpline has set of policies, procedures and practices that we employ to ensure that Child safeguard helpline is a child safe organization. Child Safeguarding is making Child safeguard helpline safe for children. It involves our collective and individual responsibility and preventative actions to ensure that all children are protected from deliberate or unintentional acts that lead to the risk of or actual harm by Child safeguard helpline staff, representatives and third parties, who come into contact with children or impact them through our development interventions, humanitarian responses and operations.

1.  Policy on Commitment to Children Child safeguard helpline is committed to conducting its programs and operations in a manner that is safe for the children it serves and to helping protect the children with whom Child safeguard helpline is in contact. 

   Promote Awareness of Child Safeguarding Obligations: Ensuring that all Representatives are adequately trained and supported in preventing, reporting and responding to safeguarding concerns; and ensuring that all Representatives are notified of and made aware of the expectation to comply with this Policy.

2.  Policy to Comply with Applicable Laws and Regulations It is child safeguard helpline policy to ensure compliance with host country and local child welfare and protection legislation, or international standards, whichever affords greater protection, and with U.S. law, where applicable. The requirements of this Child safeguard helpline Policy are in addition to any other applicable legal requirements, including but not limited to donor requirements.

3.  Policy Regarding Sexual Activity with Children It is child safeguard helpline policy that any individual under the age of 18 is a child and is “underage,” regardless of the legal age of consent of the country in which s/he lives and/or in which the offense occurs. An underage child cannot legally give informed consent to sexual activity. Sexual activity with a Child with or without their consent will be treated as a serious infraction and will result in disciplinary action being taken, including termination, and the pursuit of any other available legal remedy.

4.  Policy on Accountability of SCUS child safeguard helpline Management is committed to taking all appropriate corrective actions. Disciplinary, legal or other applicable actions in response to any violation of the Child Safeguarding Policy will be taken against any individual who has committed a Child Safeguarding violation and/or anyone who knew of such a violation and failed to act or report. 


  1. Risk Assessments will be conducted for all programming and activities involving children or those having a direct impact on children. All programs from design until exit will be evaluated to ensure it meets the standards for safeguarding children.
  2. Where possible and practical, the “Two-Adult Rule,” wherein two or more adults supervise all activities where children are involved and are always present, shall be followed. Representatives must never place themselves in a position where they are made vulnerable to allegations of misconduct.

3. Safe Recruitment: Child safeguard helpline will only recruit representatives who are suited to work with children. Strict child safe recruitment practices apply to all candidate and are not limited to background Record Checks. 

4. Other Representatives & Visitors Child safeguard helpline shall conduct a BRC for all Representatives (e.g., donors, sponsors, site visitors, invited guests, etc.)prior to the individual’s contact with children or child data and/or as it deems appropriate and permitted by law.